Entry Doors: Four Festive Wreath Ideas for the Holiday Season

Feeling in the holiday spirit? Holiday wreaths are an excellent way to add cheer to entry doors. It’s not certain where the concept of wreaths originated, but it’s believed that they were introduced in ancient Rome and Greece. Olympic athletes were crowned with wreaths made from leaves, wild celery, and Pine—a symbol of strength.

Today, wreaths tell a different story. While the concept of Christmas trees began in the 16th century, the wreath symbolizes eternity as the shape has no end. Wreaths were also initially Christmas tree decorations and not standalone ornaments that we use today.

If you’re looking for some wreath inspiration, consider the following:

Mini Ornament Christmas Wreaths

Do you have an excessive amount of mini Christmas ornaments, and nothing to do with them? Your miniature Christmas tree can display only so many ornaments. One great way to use up the excess ornaments is with a decorative door wreath for entry doors.

Simply take an Evergreen wreath in the size of your choice. Place multicolor ornaments within the greenery. This wreath essentially takes on its own glow with so many colors to enjoy.

Greenery Wreaths with Dried Oranges

Don’t let those oranges go to waste! Slice up some oranges and allow them to cook low and slow in your oven for half a day. Not only will your home smell amazing, you can use these oranges to bring color to a greenery wreath. You can also assemble the wreaths with dried berries for another pop of color.

Wreath Trio with Christmas Ribbon

Want to make a statement on your front door? Try the wreath trio idea. It brings Pottery Barn vibes that the neighbors are sure to love! Simply take three evergreen wreaths with pinecones. Grab your favorite Christmas ribbon and tie the three wreaths together vertically.

Pom Pom Wreath

Looking for a wreath that’s a little out of the ordinary, but still festive? Try the Pom Pom Wreath. Boho while making spirits bright, the Pom Pom wreath is made from yarn with Pom Pom makers that you can buy on Amazon. This wreath will sure to be a hit with anyone who sees it!

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