Why You Need New Windows this Fall

It’s fall. Leaves are changing and cold weather is coming. Your home maintenance task list might feel like a mile long, but now isn’t the time to ignore outdated windows. If your windows are in the realm of 15 years old or more, you likely need new windows this fall—and here’s why. Old Windows are […]

How to Clean & Maintain Walk-in Tubs

Are you the proud owner of a walk-in bathtub? Perhaps you’re thinking of installing one in your home and you’re wondering about upkeep? Either way, keeping your tub clean and maintained is essential for safety. It also helps get rid of bacteria that may result in infections. Use this guide for cleaning walk-in tubs: Selecting […]

How to Choose the Best Value Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Did you know that vinyl siding provides one of the best returns on investments in the home remodeling industry? The latest Cost vs. Value report revealed that vinyl siding provides a 74.7% ROI! However, not all home siding yields the same return. There are several factors to consider when you’re concerned about getting the best […]

Boosting Summer Curb Appeal with Exterior Doors

Does the exterior of your home need a midsummer pick-me-up? Stylish and secure, new entry doors can easily perk up your curb appeal through this season and beyond. Here are some tips on achieving top-notch curb appeal this summer with doors. Choose Bold and Interesting Colors Exterior door replacement is your chance to pick from […]

What to Look for with Walk-in Showers

Walk-in showers are an attractive and convenient upgrade for your bathroom remodeling project. When shopping for these types of showers, there are several considerations to get the exact appearance and function that you have in mind.   Use an Empty Corner Space When you’re starting a bathroom remodeling project from scratch, think about where you […]

4 Reasons to Get New Windows this Spring

Now that spring has arrived and the bitter cold of winter is behind us, many of us open our windows to let in the nice breeze, only to find window damage from the harsh winter. Perhaps the frames are damaged, the glass is cracked, or the windows are hard to open. Whatever the case it […]

Top 4 Reasons to get Vinyl Siding this Spring

With warmer weather right around the corner and most people realize it’s time to update the exterior of their homes. The siding of your home is engineered to protect the exterior and interior of your home from the elements. But vinyl siding comes equipped with numerous benefits to make our lives easier. And here at […]

Great American Pie Month

Pie lovers, with the holidays behind us, you probably thought you had escaped the temptation of delicious deserts. Well get ready for another round of sweets because February is Great American Pie Month. When we think of pies, of course apple springs to mind. But there are hundreds of different pie variations to enjoy. And […]

Bath Safety Month

January is National Bath Safety Month and it provides an opportunity to learn more about safety precautions that can reduce the risk of injury in the bathroom. One of the biggest safety concerns, are slips and falls in the bathroom. High sided tubs, slippery surfaces, and objects in and out of the shower, are all […]

5- Winter Reasons to Replace Your Doors

While some homeowners choose to perform home maintenance and repairs during the warmer months, there are those of us that understand the advantages of installing new doors in the winter months. There are lots of benefits of replacing the doors on your home in winter: lower costs, keeping the heat in, shorter wait times, more […]