Replace Your Old Windows with Style & Strength

Replacement Windows Built for Durability & Beauty

One of the most prominent features of any Nashville home is its windows, which is why it’s very important to make sure they can withstand the test of time. At Tennessee Thermal, we understand the value of equipping your home with strong windows that won’t fail you. That’s why we carry an elite line of windows designed with enhanced structural integrity and durability. Best of all, you’re not held down to just one or two window styles with us when looking for strong windows. Each window style we carry makes use of innovative design features that strengthen their frames. This not only adds security, it also decreases the amount of maintenance since the frames are resistant to warping and cracking. Additionally, they feature energy-saving technology to help you save more money throughout the year.

Replacement Window Design Features:

  • Multi-Chamber Frames: A dual threat system of increasing energy efficiency and strength, multi-chamber frames possess a dead space that traps any leaked air to maintain an insulating barrier support the weight of the windows itself.
  • Super Spacer Technology: The Super Spacer system is made using 100% foam so it is able to contract and expand as needed. This allows it to support the frame despite any type of fluctuation in the shape that occurs from temperature variations and other natural occurrences.
  • Fusion Welded Frames: Unlike other frames that are connected with screws, our frames are fusion welded to provide a solid connection of each mainframe component.
  • Optional Foam Filled Frames: Foam filled window frames provide even more strength by occupying the multiple chambers with insulating foam. This foam supports the structure and increases energy efficiency.
  • Steel Reinforcements: Our windows are equipped with steel reinforcements along the meeting rails, which are considered to be the weakest part of the frame. The steel reinforcements help maintain the structure and integrity of the meeting rails.

Secure Your Home with Replacement Windows

The added strength that our replacement windows are designed with help keep your home more secure. Since the windows from Tennessee Thermal are stronger than most, Nashville homeowners can have peace of mind when it comes to how well they hold up. Additionally, our installers perform thorough inspections of the windows upon installation to make sure that they are performing properly. Don’t settle for less than stellar windows, instead, contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how our outstanding windows can strengthen your home.