Definition, Beauty, & Savings with Vinyl Siding

The Total Package from Tennessee Thermal

The siding of your Nashville home plays a very significant role regarding your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and protection. If you’re siding is underperforming, then your home is subject to water damage, high energy bills, pests. Water damage can occur when moisture finds its way underneath your siding and starts rotting the walls of your home. It’s also common to see mold form around the edges of your siding if moisture has been caught behind it. Additionally, standard vinyl siding is not equipped to handle the high energy demands of modern comfort. It’s for these reasons the insulated vinyl siding from Tennessee Thermal is your best choice when it comes to replacing the siding of your home. Our insulated siding is the total package in that it increases your energy efficiency, holds up against severe weather, and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Our Siding’s Defining Qualities:

  • Enhanced Beauty: The beauty of a home can be defined by its siding. That’s why it’s very important to choose high-quality siding like the siding from Tennessee Thermal. Our siding is available with many customizable options that includes color, profile, trim, and much more. Your new siding can provide fuller definition to your home’s exterior by choosing the perfect profile and color to complement its architecture.
  • Upgraded Strength: Vinyl siding is resistant to chips, dents, warping, rotting, and much more. Additionally, there is foam backing with our insulation that provides greater durability to increase its impact resistance.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: The foam backing also serves as extra insulation for your home. This extra layer of insulation increases the R-Value of your home, consequently, saving you more money on your monthly utility bills.

Impressive New Siding Installations

When you choose to have new siding installed by the experts at Tennessee Thermal, you are getting one of the highest quality home remodeling products available. Our siding enhances every aspect of your home by increasing its energy efficiency, curb appeal, strength, and more. Your Nashville home can finally have the gorgeous exterior it deserves when you have our insulated vinyl siding installed. Envelop your home in the security and strength of our vinyl siding, just contact us today to schedule your free consultation.