What is the Best Material for Entry Doors?

An entry door adds a layer of security to the home. Even the safest homes benefit from a secure and durable door. But do you know what to look for when it comes to picking the best material possible?

This quick guide provides a fast 101 on choosing the best material for front doors.

Start with a Durable Door Material

A solid, quality door is the starting point for security. Both fiberglass and steel doors provide an excellent advantage against intruders.

With fiberglass doors, look for quality engineering that is resistant to dents and scratches, which is one of the issues with steel doors. It’s quite possible to kick a dent in a steel door, but fiberglass puts up a bigger fight.

Fiberglass also has a leg up on wood doors since the material won’t weaken from moisture damage. This door stands strong for decades and continuously keeps families safe.

Frame Materials Make or Break Door Security

The frame material is incredibly important when it comes to entry door security. With wood frames, it doesn’t take a lot of effort for a burglar to make a break-in. It’s best to steer clear of wood door frames.

The best material for door frames? Steel, hands down. There are different ratings for door frames in the industry, going all the way up to Grade 40. Grade 40 is the highest rating available for steel frames.

According to Angi, deadbolts are a key component of a secure door. Choose an entry door that features a Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt with a 1-inch long throw bolt. The lock must extend deep into the door frame to secure the door. Otherwise, the door can open with one swift kick.

Materials that Make it Easy to Maintain

If you don’t want the hassle of upkeep your front door, material should be a top consideration. Materials like wood require a lot of work to keep it looking beautiful.

However, fiberglass and steel are engineered to make your life easy. These doors withstand the elements while always looking beautiful. You also won’t ever need to worry about costly maintenance problems such as rot and decay.

Consider steel or fiberglass doors from Tennessee Thermal for your home. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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