The Scoop on Storm Doors and Their Benefits

Summer is here and this means that homeowners are making exterior upgrades. Are storm doors on your list?

Storm door installation is beneficial for both aesthetic and performance purposes. This is the scoop about storm doors and why you should consider one as a summer upgrade.

Storm Doors Protect Your Entry Door

A storm door is installed on the outside of an entry door. This can be at any entry point to your home, including an entry door, back door, or side door.

Storm doors have a long history. They offered an additional layer of protection for early American homes with wood doors. This is because wood doors are prone to damage from the elements, including chipping and rotting.

Today, storm doors still serve a purpose of protecting your entry door. However, their benefits don’t stop at that point.

Storm Doors are Stylish

Just like entry doors, storm doors come in different style options. They are the perfect modern upgrade for your exterior, working with nearly all types of home architectures.

Some storm door options come in several finishes. The most popular finish options are black and white.

Meanwhile, there are different hardware options available to complement your entry door. You can select from several door handle sizes and finishes including brass and nickel.

Storm Doors Promote Natural Light

Most storm doors are designed with glass. Some feature the top portion of the door as a glass panel while others are made from top-to-bottom glass.

Both styles can help improve natural light in your home. Imagine opening your door while waves of natural light fill your space. It will feel brighter inside and even cheerier.
Storm Doors Can Help Preserve Energy
Storm doors protect the entry door, but they also offer energy-saving perks as well. You can choose a storm door with low-e glass. This means that the door can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Durable weatherstripping also helps to prevent drafts, providing you with an extra level of insulation when you need it the most.

Get a Quote for a New Storm Door

We offer quotes for storm doors in numerous aesthetic options and styles. Contact us to get a quote and get started with storm door installation now.

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