Remodel Your Bathroom with a New Replacement Bathtub

Upgrade the Centerpiece of Your Nashville Bathroom

The condition of the bathtub in your Nashville home says a great deal about your bathroom, home, and lifestyle. It’s for that reason that you should want to make sure it’s in good condition. Unfortunately, years of use makes tubs harder to maintain so they eventually become stained, faded, and outdated. That’s where Tennessee Thermal comes in to help. Our bathroom remodeling options can revive the state of your Nashville bathroom with a beautiful new replacement bathtub. Our tubs are manufactured by the esteemed BCI Acrylic. Made using some of the highest quality acrylic materials, our baths are durable and guaranteed to look beautiful well into the future. Additionally, the non-porous material is resistant to mold and mildew. This means that they are extremely easy to clean and never require any hard scrubbing or hazardous cleaning materials. The benefits of replacing your tub with one from Tennessee Thermal will turn around the state of your bathroom and give you back the pleasure of enjoyable bathing.

Features & Benefits of Replacement Baths:

  • Low Maintenance: Non-porous acrylic makes cleaning very easy with a simple wipe of a soapy cloth. Plus, they are resistant to mold and mildew to eliminate the need for hard scrubbing.
  • Durability & Strength: The acrylics and high gloss finish we use make our tubs resistant to scratching, peeling, cracking, and fading. This means that your new bath will look great for many years to come.
  • Increased Beauty: Our high gloss acrylics shine with brilliance and are available in a multitude of colors and patterns so you can customize the look to match your bathroom.
  • Quick Installation: We are able to install a replacement bath in your home in as little as a day so the process won’t impede your lifestyle at all.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Backed by a Lifetime warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new bathroom installation is covered.

Trusted Work from Expert Bathtub Installers

At Tennessee Thermal, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and professional installation for your Nashville bathroom. Our installers are expertly trained to provide you with a flawless installation with no potential to leak or falter. If some unforeseen occurrence does cause your new bathtub to malfunction, then you are completely covered by our lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This means you have absolutely nothing to lose when you choose Tennessee Thermal for your bathroom remodel. Enhance your bathroom, home, and lifestyle with a new bathtub today; contact us now for your free consultation.