Beautiful New Bathrooms for Nashville Homes

Enjoy a Great New Bathing Space from Tennessee Thermal

The average time spent in the bathroom on a daily basis is approximately 70 minutes. Over an hour each day in your Nashville bathroom may not seem like much but it can adversely affect your mood. If your bathroom is in poor condition, then that can ruin your day. No one likes to walk into their bathroom in the morning to see a dingy, stained bathtub or shower. That’s why a bathroom remodel from Tennessee Thermal is the perfect way to enhance your mood and bathroom. Our bathroom solutions include high-quality products for your bath system, shower system, and accessible bathing. This means that no matter what your bathroom needs are, we have the solution.

High-Quality Bathroom Remodeling

  • Bath Systems: Our bath system products include replacement bathtubs, bath wall surrounds, and bath liners. Each one is a great option that can renew the look of your bathroom and enjoy a better bathing experience.
  • Shower Systems: The shower system products we carry are replacement shower bases, shower wall surrounds, and shower liners. These products are a great for beautifying the centerpiece of your bathroom and giving you an exquisite showering experience.
  • Accessibility Products: We offer a number of great products to aid in your battle to regain bathing independence. These products include walk-in tubs, tub-to-shower conversion, step-through inserts, and barrier-free showers. With these products, you never have to dread entering your bathing space ever again.

Magnificent Bathroom Installations

Regardless of what you are looking for in your Nashville bathroom, you can rest assured that Tennessee Thermal has the perfect bathroom remodeling solution for it. Our expansive library of remodeling products provide you a wide selection from which to choose. Additionally, our expert installers are more than capable of making sure that your new bathroom installation is fully sealed to prevent any water from seeping beneath the surface. This prevents the chance of rot and mold forming in areas that cannot be seen. Another great thing about our products is that they are made using a non-porous acrylic that is resistant to mold and mildew so no hard scrubbing is required. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and begin your journey to a better bathing experience.