Amazing Window Styles for Beautiful Tennessee Homes

Beautiful Window Selection for Nashville Homeowners

At Tennessee Thermal, we have one of the largest selections of window styles to give you the opportunity to enhance your Nashville home. Choice of window style makes a significant difference to how your home is viewed. It can make a statement of classic beauty or contemporary elegance for your home. For instance, if you were to choose a bay or bow window, the grandiose size could be ill-fitting on a smaller cottage styled home. Conversely, casement windows could provide a unique “old world” charm for such a structure. The style of your home can often indicate which style of window you choose, though, there are some windows that just look great on any structure. Such is the case with double-hung windows, which are highly versatile in their placement and used on most modern homes. We’re here to help you decide which windows are perfect for you home and why with a quick brief overview of a few of our window styles.

Which Window Style Works for You

  • Awning: Opening outward on horizontal hinges at the top of the window, awnings manage to create an awning when open and provide a great deal of airflow into your home. These windows are ideal for opening on a cool rainy day for a refreshing breeze.
  • Bay & Bow: Unique in that both of these window styles use multiple windows to create an arched design that projects outward. They are great for providing natural lighting and increased interior space. This space can be used any way you desire. Best served in a large open space of your home.
  • Casement: Opens outward on vertical hinges, much like a door. Fantastic for providing large amounts of natural airflow into your home. These windows also have a distinct charm that is both humble and elegant. Additionally, the operation on a hand crank allows tight seals to be formed when closed to reduce the chance of air leakage.
  • Double-Hung: A very popular style on modern style homes, these windows are versatile enough to match the style of any home. In addition to their versatility, they also feature tilt-in sashes for the top and bottom panes for easy cleaning.
  • Picture: This window is perfect for contemporary homes as they provide a modern sleek style. Despite its inoperability, this window has found traction because of its ability to provide beautiful unobstructed views of a home’s outdoor area.

Proper Windows Make Beautiful Homes

Regardless of which style you choose for your Nashville home, it is very important that you choose the right company for your installation. There are some companies out there that have very little knowledge about how to properly install a window. The end result is not very appealing and can completely destroy your curb appeal. Fortunately, the experts at Tennessee Thermal are more than happy to service your Nashville home. Our installers are some of the best in the business and always perform flawlessly. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation so we can help you pick the perfect windows for your home.