The Energy-Saving Qualities of TN Thermal Windows

Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Tennessee Home

Give your Nashville home a boost in energy efficiency with high-quality windows from Tennessee Thermal. We feature a large variety of replacement windows, each designed to save you money on your monthly energy bills. Our window styles include awning, bay, bow, casement, double-hung, garden, picture, single-hung, and slider. In addition to the numerous styles we offer, our windows also come with energy saving options such as double-pane glass, gas fills, low-e glass coatings, and much more. It’s because of options like these that our energy-efficient windows are able to provide Nashville homeowners with greater energy-savings all year long.

Features & Benefits of Windows from TN Thermal:

  • Multi-Pane Glass Options: Our windows are offered in multi-pane options to provide extra insulating layers equipped with low-e coatings. Our most popular option is double-pane because it’s lighter in weight than triple-pane but still offers enhanced energy saving technology.
  • Low-E Coating: Our low-e coatings reduce the solar heat gain of our windows by at least 50%. The multiple layers of microscopic silver lining and anti-reflective metal oxide coatings are the key to the efficiency that our low-e coating produces.
  • Insulating Gas Fills: Our windows are available with options for insulating gas fills which act as extra barrier to protect against heat transfer. There are two main options for gas fills, argon and krypton. Though argon is more commonly used, krypton provides better insulations because of its density.
  • Innovative Design: Our windows use a multi-chambered design that creates and insulating barrier of dead space in the frame. This is to help prevent heat transfer through the frame.
  • Super Spacer Technology: We use the non-metal, warm-edge spacer in the window’s frame to prevent heat transfer through conduction. Since the spacer is 100% foam, it will not conduct heat, which prevents it from conductively transferring through the window.

Expert Installations of Energy Efficient

The beauty of our replacement windows is that they will save money while improving the overall appearance of your Nashville home. Regardless of which style you choose, each one has energy-saving qualities that will instantly improve the comfort in your home. At Tennessee Thermal, our window experts can help you decide which windows will work best for your home and then perform a flawless installation. This ensures that your new windows will save you money all year long. Don’t miss out on great energy savings any longer and contact us today to schedule your free consultation.