5- Winter Reasons to Replace Your Doors

While some homeowners choose to perform home maintenance and repairs during the warmer months, there are those of us that understand the advantages of installing new doors in the winter months. There are lots of benefits of replacing the doors on your home in winter: lower costs, keeping the heat in, shorter wait times, more convenient, and increased security. And here at Tennessee Thermal, we wanted to take a moment to share our top five winter reasons to replace your doors.

Lower Costs

Installing doors during the off-season can be less expensive than waiting to install them in the spring or fall. As a homeowner, there is no reason not to have your doors replaced during the winter months. On the contrary, one of the best advantages to having your doors installed in wintertime is the installation price. During the winter you can find and array of deals and discounts because winter is typically the slower season for installers. Wintertime can leave most companies ready to increase quota by offering special savings and discounts to homeowners.

Keep in the Heat

Homeowners who replace doors during the winter months can potentially notice an immediate difference in the level of comfort after the replacement. In addition to added comfort, you may experience energy savings for the rest of the heating season. During the winter months, keeping your home warm and comfortable can be a challenge. However, when you replace the doors on your home, you can assure that it will help your home retain heat in the winter months. When temperatures plummet outside, they drop inside. No matter how great your heater might be, your home might remain cold. Old doors with bad insulation let all the cold air into your house, and don’t keep warmth in effectively. New doors have great insulation. Replacing your doors will help keep your home warm and comfortable all season long.

Shorter Wait Times

In the winter months door installers are not in high demand because it is typically a slower time of the year. Which means homeowners can take advantage of greater scheduling, flexibility, and shorter wait times. In the spring and summer months homeowners can be left waiting weeks or months for door replacements. But, with installers eager to fill quotas in the wintertime, homeowners can expect a quicker installation and scheduling process in the winter months. Making winter the ideal time to have new doors installed on your home.

More Convenient

Replacing your doors in the winter can be more convenient than replacing them in the spring or fall. Most families spend most of their time indoors during the winter months. This allows installers to work at a faster rate without being interrupted by outdoor activities. Also, you won’t have to worry about your outdoor party being disrupted or your home being less accessible during the installation process.

Increased Security

Theft and break-ins happen all year long. However, property crimes are particularly prevalent in the winter months. Thus, making winter the ideal time to replace the doors on your home. By replacing your old door with a strong, new door this winter, you can gain peace of mind, protection and increase the security of your home.

Make a great investment by replacing your doors this winter. Here at Tennessee Thermal we can help with all your home improvement needs. We combine complete door replacement services with high-quality doors throughout the Nashville area. With lots of affordable options avaliable you can get a great door at a great price. Call us at 615-266-4474 to schedule your free inspection and in-home estimate. We’ve been helping homeowners with their home improvement projects since 1995.

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