4 Reasons Why You Must Weatherproof Your Home with a Storm Door

Is storm door installation on your autumn to-do list? An aesthetically pleasing storm door is a great addition to your house not only in the autumn, but any time of year. In fact, these products are an effective way to help weatherproof your entry door as well. Consider these 4 reasons why you should weatherproof your home with a storm door.

1. Protection from Inclement Weather

Storm doors are installed on the outside of entry doors. They cover the entire front door while providing a boost in curb appeal.

Furthermore, storm doors are ideal for when you want an extra layer of protection for your front door. However, these doors help to protect all exterior doors of your home, including back doors and side doors.

The truth is that wood doors are vulnerable to the elements, especially moisture and fading from the sun. If you have a wood front door, a storm door is one of the keys to preserving its appearance.

2. Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs

When doors become damaged from moisture, it can cost a pretty penny to repair. In fact, you can expect to shell out around $400 to repair rotted sections of a wood entry door.

Meanwhile, you need to consider maintaining your entry door. This is especially true if it’s made from wood. You’ll have to consider purchasing sealant, supplies, as well as paint or stain.

Lastly, consider the labor that’s necessary to repair or maintain your door. Will you do this yourself, or will you hire a contractor to help?

The good news is that you can bypass these costs with storm door installation. Their weatherproof barrier ensures that you have secure protection from the elements all year long.

3. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A storm door can also provide energy-saving benefits in addition to protecting the entry door. You may choose a storm door with low-e glass. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

It’s worth noting that durable weatherstripping provides an extra level of insulation, preventing drafts and keeping your home comfortable.

4. Keep your Entry Door Looking its Best

Did you know that UV light can dramatically fade your front door? This can make even the most beautiful exterior doors look drab and dull.

Storm doors with Low-e glass can help solve this problem. Low-e helps reflect sunlight which can reduce the fading effects from the sun. This is one of the top reasons why you should weatherproof your home with a storm door!

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